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Dr.Plumber looked at my heating system and performed repairs on it without telling me what they were going to do or how much it would cost.

Charged $800.00 for 1 hour or less of work, and a total of nearly $1,300.00 to install 3 small parts, some of which probably were not needed. Lied and said there was a major gas leak and for that reason my permission was not necessary and that they "by law had to make the repair". There was no gas leak, I am down there every day and I would have smelled it. They would not even give me receipts for the parts they installed.

Also, when I wrote negative reviews about them in Yellowpages, they somehow got them removed in less than 24 hours, and a good 10 or 15 positive reviews showed up in their place. Strangely, all of the customers leaving positive reviews for Dr.

Plumber made all the same gramatical and spelling errors.What a coincidence.

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Same thing happened to me in October 2015. I can't believe this guy is still in business. He tried to take me for almost $22,000!!!!


:( My issue with Doctor Plumber is he worked on a 60 year old Niagara furnace that had a lit pilot and the fan worked fine...I thought he would replace a part and it was going to cost me something reasonable like around $250... I was shocked when the bill totaled $2,372.88!!!!

So I refused to pay it! This is clearly a scam!


I also complained on If enough people get ripped off, we can all get a lawyer and file a class action lawsuit seeking tripple damages. There is a guy on Yelp they ripped off too.

to Anni #1065639

If you want to do that you might only have 4 years or less. I don't think I can anymore. You more recently ripped off people should get together though.


I had dr.plumber fix my heater, he charged 500.00 parts 500.00 labor for two hours work.

They overcharge. A plumber should get 60.00- hour tops, not 250.00.

but it was my heater I was desperate, never again.I want to report them.

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